Environmental Consultancy Services


T: 01932 868584
E: info@lawmens.co.uk

Lawmans UK is a professional, ethical and legally compliant waste management company.

We provide a bespoke service to each of our clients, offering our expertise so that they can make informed decisions on their environmental strategies.

We coordinate daily waste services, whilst also identifying materials that can be re-processed, re-manufactured or recycled back into the supply chain.

We are the one point of contact for our clients, even when deploying services to multiple sites simultaneously.

Lawmans UK has in house BREEAM assessors, with SMARTWaste experience, allowing us to ensure our clients achieve maximum credits from their their BREEAM assessments.



  • Full BREEAM assessments
  • Pre Demolition audits
  • SMARTWaste
  • Take back schemes
  • Full site waste management plans
  • Comprehensive BREEAM, SKA and LEED compliant waste reporting
  • BREEAM Reporting
  • Pre site start visits
  • Trained on-site waste management labour
  • National coverage
  • Live online portal
  • Hazardous and WEE waste removal


Strategy and Implementation


Seeking the most efficient service at the best price.

Duty of care

Compliance is key, so Lawmans UK will ensure that legal requirements for all our suppliers are recorded and in date, including; licenses, insurance and audits.

Live Portal

Once the job is live, all site information will be accessible via the online portal.


Lawmans UK will provide a completion pack, detailing all key site data.