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Lawmens have attained full ISO:14001 accreditation for environmental management and feel strongly about minimising the effect that our work has on the environment.

As a result, Lawmens have implemented several measures to ensure that both our on and off site activity surpass current basic requirements. We make that commitment to our clients that basic environmental requirements will not only be met, but frequently surpassed:

EM01 – Lawmens Ltd Environmental Policy & Scope

Scope: “The supply of General Labour, Strip out and Waste Away services to the Interiors Industry”

Within the constraints of the above scope it is the policy of Lawmens Ltd:

  • To establish sound environmental performance through effective implementation of the environmental management system and training of all staff on company policies, objectives and targets.
  • To create a safe working environment for employees, clients and any other parties effected by our activities.
  • To identify any threat of contamination to the environment and either eliminate or if this is not possible, monitor and manage effectively.
  • To wherever possible ensure that the companies operations prevent pollution of the environment or where pollution is inevitable to strive to minimise this wherever possible.
  • To ensure the company complies with and wherever possible surpasses all current legal obligations and legislation and ensure we stay abreast of all new laws and legislation that affect us when introduced.
  • To minimise the use of all resources and raw materials at both site and office levels.
  • To effectively manage all waste removed from our projects ensuring materials are re-used and recycled where at all possible, and disposed of in the correct and responsible manner for all other eventualities.
  • To research and develop further methods for the effective recycling of all waste materials generated.
  • To look for charitable organisations who may benefit from any materials or items removed from site that would otherwise be disposed of.
  • To work with all employees, clients, stakeholders and sub-contractors to promote effective environmental management on all of our projects and within the office environment.
  • To co-operate with the communities in which we operate along with local government and regulatory bodies to ensure we are a good and conscientious neighbour.
  • To develop objectives that target environmental improvements and monitor performance through regular review.
  • To ensure we are as efficient as possible in recycling all materials by segregating them where possible and accurately recording the materials removed and regularly reviewing the performance of our approved waste contractors.
  • To record, monitor and improve all aspects of Environmental performance through regular review and liaison with all company employees and feedback from clients.
  • To embrace the use of technology to assist us with minimising our reliance on natural resources such as paper i.e. computer based operating systems and documentation and client liaison.