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Governments Decision to Rule Out Landfill Ban for Textiles Waste:

The government has rejected a call to ban used textiles from landfill and has instead decided to focus on proposals within the resources and waste strategy, including plans for more extended producer responsibility schemes.

As Leading Suppliers Of Retail Waste Management London UK, We Consider This Decision.

In response, the environmental audit committee have spoken out against the government’s decision to reject what they see as a need to act urgently and end an era of “throwaway fashion”.
Earlier this year, the same committee published a report in which it called for action to address the so-called “throwaway fashion” trend that results in over a million tonnes of clothing disposal per year in the UK through retail waste management London.
Recommendations to government included a landfill and incineration ban for unsold stock to a 1p charge per garment for producers, to help fund material collection.  In their response, the government ruled out any sort of landfill ban for textiles and instead opted for alternative approaches. Notably, it said that it would consider extended producer responsibility measures for textiles as part of an existing waste strategy commitment.
In order to ease the strain on retail waste management London, the government stated that the priority for unsold stock should be to reuse and recycle, ahead of incineration and landfilling. The official statement included the following: “This priority is embedded in the waste hierarchy and legislation is in place to support this. We believe that positive approaches are required to find outlets for waste textiles rather than simply imposing a landfill ban and, as set out in the Resources and Waste Strategy, we are developing a mix of policy measures to support reuse and closed loop recycling.”
Ministers have said that they will focus on the continued support of WRAP’s voluntary Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) and looking at areas such as eco design and eco labelling. The government response said: “We will take forward the best mix of policy measures to tackle the environmental impact of textiles, considering voluntary commitments, eco-design product standards, the potential for extended producer responsibility, the provision of better information for consumers on the sustainability of their purchases as through improved product labelling and improving collection systems”.
And the government went on to emphasise its support for SCAP saying it is encouraged by the collective efforts made by SCAP members to date. “The latest SCAP report… shows that between 2012 and 2017 signatories have reduced their water and carbon footprints by 17.7% and 11.9% respectively against a target of 15% per tonne of clothing by 2020, and waste across the product life cycle by 1.1% against a target of 3.5%. More work is required to address waste in the supply chain and SCAP signatories are working on plans to address this, for instance through buying specifications and supplier engagement programmes.”
As a leading supplier of retail waste management in London, UK, who hold the protection of our environment in the highest regards, we are someone disappointed at the governments stance, who seems to be unmoved by the alarming statistic that we are sending 300000 tonnes of clothing to incineration or landfill each year.
Urgent action must be taken and we still proudly live up to our commitment as a retail waste management London company of diverting 100% of waste away from landfill.


The government has responded to a committee’s recommendations to address the issue of “throwaway fashion” in the UK, ruling out a landfill ban for textiles and instead focusing on prioritising reuse and recycling of unsold stock, along with considering extended producer responsibility measures and supporting initiatives like the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) to reduce the environmental impact of textiles.

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