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Tank Removal & Disposal

Tank Purge & Removal Services

Lawmens’ specialised division for tank purging and removal provides the following elements as part of their service:

Site Surveys

Issue Of Reports

Contaminated Liquid Waste Testing

Contaminated Liquid Waste Removal

Tank Degassing / Purging

Redundant Tank Removal

Tanker Hire

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A Dedicated Team

Within our ground tank removal division, you’ll find a dedicated team comprising 4 estimators, 10 project managers working both in office and on-site, and 8 capable foremen with a combined experience exceeding 120 years. Every project we undertake, regardless of its scale, is treated with uniform dedication, ensuring the following level of service:

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Qualified Operatives

Proficient teams of specialised trained operatives carry out these tasks, with each member provided with the following as a standard:

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Recycle iconOur Corporate

Our dedication to Corporate Responsibility Initiatives is exemplified by the “Lawmens Foundation”, collaborating with numerous charities and voluntary organisations to donate reusable waste such as kitchens, carpet tiles, white goods, and furniture.

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Our Unrivalled

Founded in 1988, Lawmens stands as a family-operated enterprise. Over the years, we have consistently grown into a reputable and esteemed expert provider of Strip Out, Demolition, and Waste services to the construction sector.

8 Estimators Operating In-House
Client Portal Available Online
10 Project Managers Based in Our Office
30 Site Supervisors Trained in SMSTS
Over 165 Daily Site Operations
31 Years of Industry Experience
Environmental Consultants Within Our Team
Comprehensive Turnkey Solutions Offered


Projects Completed in 2022


Waste Diverted from Landfill


Happy Customers

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