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Lawmens have been working very closely with The Prince’s Trust

We are very excited about the upcoming course that is being delivered to 15 students. Between Lawmens and the Prince’s Trust, a 2 stage course has been comprised. Stage one includes a 10 day classroom based course, to include all of the online training that Lawmens currently offer to their on site operatives, as well as a CSCS test and potential retest for those who fail.

Those who pass the CSCS test will then move on to stage two of the course, work experience. It is vital that stage one is passed before moving on as the students will require a CSCS card in order to be allowed on to site.

Stage two, work experience, will last 10 days and during this time, the candidates will be closely monitored by the site supervisors so the honest feedback can be given back to each candidate on “passing out day”.

Passing out day will be the last day of the course and held on the 14th of September. All of the candidates will visit The Long Barn by Accrue Workplaces (new coworking facility, part of the Lawmans UK group), given constructed feedback and awarded their certificates during the main passing out ceremony.

Each student will then be asked to give a two minute presentation on how the course has affected them as an individual. The course will then be closed by someone from The Prince’s Trust, with a talk from Barclays Bank (the course funders) and a general talk from somebody Lawmens. We are extremely proud of this exciting event and look forward finding some individuals who we can potentially offer some ongoing work opportunity to.


Lawmens has collaborated closely with The Prince’s Trust, anticipating an upcoming course for students. The two-stage course begins with a 10-day classroom-based session, incorporating Lawmens’ online training and a CSCS test. Successful candidates proceed to stage two, involving a 10-day work experience closely monitored by site supervisors. The initiative aims to provide valuable skills and potential ongoing work opportunities for participants.

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