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Waste Reports

Waste Reporting Services

Our industry-leading waste report is furnished for each of our projects, aiming to precisely outline the waste extracted from our clients’ ventures and its ultimate disposal location.

What sets us apart as a waste management company is the meticulous information presented in our waste report, including the following:

Access To Our Client Friendly Online Portal, Where Customers Can Log In To View Waste Transfer Notes And Download Waste Reports.

Full Statistical And Graphical Data Based On Auditable Evidence (Designed To Comply With The Waste Regulations; DEFRA’s Environmental Reporting Guidelines & BREEAM).

Waste Streams (Ie. Wood, Plasterboard, Scrap Metal, Raised Floor Tiles, Etc).

Detailed Landfill Diversion Rates, Which Support Your Company CSR And Sustainability Objectives/ Targets.

Carbon Savings Calculated As CO2 Emissions And £’S Saved Due To Recycling.

Clear Indication Of Savings As A Result Of Diverting From Landfill.

Record Of Closed Loop Recycling, To Include Materials That Can Be Reused.

Record Of EFW (Energy From Incinerated Waste).

Data Updated In Real Time, Via Our Online Cloud Based Client Portal. Our Drivers Update The System With Info When Available, So That Our Customers Can Log In And Download/ View.

Our Corporate

Our dedication to Corporate Responsibility Initiatives is exemplified by the “Lawmens Foundation”, collaborating with numerous charities and voluntary organisations to donate reusable waste such as kitchens, carpet tiles, white goods, and furniture.

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Our Ultimate

Since its establishment in 1988, Lawmens has been a family-run enterprise that has steadily evolved into a recognised and esteemed specialist provider of Waste Management as well as comprehensive Environmental Reporting, Assessment, and Consultancy Services.

Operating a fleet of 17 dedicated waste removal vehicles
Extensive nationwide network of proficient waste management contractors
Leveraging strong purchasing capabilities to ensure highly competitive rates
Offering dedicated account managers for personalised service
Providing convenient access through our online client portal
Employing in-house environmental assessors to ensure quality
Offering clear, data-rich statistical and graphical reports
Recognised as an approved CPD provider


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